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5 Reasons Why You Need a Custom WordPress Design

posted on July 30, 2017 / IN Design / Website Development / 0 Comments


Wondering if a custom WordPress design is worth your money? Here’s 5 reasons why it is — and the hidden price of those turnkey themes.


As the first question you are going to ask yourself is: “Do I really need a custom made website?” Here is a great breakdown for you! 🙂


When it comes certain products, people swear by customization over anything premade. Don Draper and his ilk could wax poetic for hours about the necessity of a tailor-made suit if you want your superiors to take you seriously. Custom car enthusiasts devote plenty of time and money to their hobby, all in pursuit of an eye-catching vehicle that turns heads everywhere it goes. Serious gamers spend hours researching every single piece of hardware to enhance and optimize their computer’s performance.

Sure, in all of these cases, you could purchase something “off the rack.” Similarly, you might have considered using a premade WordPress theme for your business website. But if you want a website that fits like a dream, builds trust in your brand, delights your customers, and performs at its absolute peak, you’ll have to go custom.

1) A chance to stand out

Everyone and their grandma has a website these days, and millions — yes, millions — of those people use WordPress. Just like you share your birthday with about 19 million people, if you’re using any premade WordPress theme, you’re sharing that theme with myriad other websites.

Standing out is critical these days. You might laugh if you run into someone wearing the same t-shirt as you, but if your website looks identical to a bunch of others, good luck standing out.

“Same website” definitely isn’t a good thing (credit: Yoshida Sensha)

You — and your customers — want to see a website that’s unique and original. By investing in a custom WordPress design, you’ll give yourself a huge advantage. One important caveat, here: when I say “custom,” I don’t mean tossing your logo and a fun little stock photo into a turnkey WordPress theme. I’m talking truly custom design — one that works with your unique branding and strategically reflects your sales funnel.

For example, do you rely strictly on organic search results from Google to drive prospects to your site? You need a WordPress that’s optimized for SEO. Those of you looking to grow your brand on social media, on the other hand, will want plugins and custom design woven into your site. It all works together to encourage visitors to share your content.

2) A site that truly fits your content

Finding a turnkey theme suitable for your content is a lot like shopping for birthday cards. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten frustrated, flipping through generic sentiment after generic sentiment. That’s usually when I end up buying a blank card and writing a message of my own (which, I don’t mind telling you, makes my mom pretty darn happy). Sometimes, your content just isn’t right for any of the premade themes. The only way to get a design that truly suits your vision and your content? Go custom.

Now, be advised: a theme and a WordPress framework are not the same. WordPress theme frameworks are used as a parent theme template which houses all the functionality. Developers then create a child theme to add custom styling while retaining the framework’s functionality aspects. This allows for a centralized location where all the functions are hosted. At Moondog, for example, we develop fully custom themes on the Genesis Framework. We love its power, functionality, and SEO optimization — all in all, Genesis is a fantastic foundation to work with.

3) Stable, streamlined code

Look, it’s 2017. We’ve done our time in the .gif-laden trenches of 1990’s Geocities and Angelfire pages. People expect your website to load quickly, and they’re not going to stick around if it doesn’t. Not everyone wants to spend their time learning how to code effectively, and that’s fine! That’s where your custom designer comes in. When you work closely with a custom WordPress designer, you get quality, lightweight code.

Perhaps just as importantly, you’ll avoid the dreaded “feature bloat” that can make your website slow to load. Custom design means you get exactly what you need — nothing superfluous, buggy, or broken.

4) Get the most out of WordPress

Even to experienced users, the sheer volume of options available for a WordPress website can be overwhelming. What’s more, the average user can easily overlook some of the most powerful tools at their disposal, solely because they get lost in the shuffle. If you want your website to succeed — and who doesn’t? — your custom designer and developer will be a critical asset.

5) Custom site, custom support

Even with the best website, under the best circumstances, things can go wrong. Nowadays, this unfortunately isn’t a matter of “if” but of “when.” Your plugins won’t always play nicely with each other, updating them can be a nightmare, and those things can spell disaster for your website. Therein lies one of the best reasons to go with a custom WordPress design.

When things go awry, you won’t be stuck in the notoriously long line for Premium theme support. Instead, someone who knows your site inside and out will be able to quickly and efficiently address any problems. That means minimal downtime for your site.

A worthy investment

Don’t let the low price tag on premade WordPress designs fool you. Down the line, you will pay the price in the form of an ill-fitting website that fails to captivate potential customers. A custom WordPress design can make the difference between a successful website and a flop. Get in touch with us about a custom design, and get the website you’ve always wanted.

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