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Interview with Kris Degioia

posted on May 8, 2018 / IN Interviews / 0 Comments

Today I am interviewing Kris Degioia who reached out to me some time back and we have talked and collaborated. Her personal story and entrepreneurial story is quite interesting and I wanted to give her a highlight as she has done some amazing things in her career.

Meet Kris Degioia:

Can you explain We Are Cryptic?
Cryptic is a nonprofit organization I founded to help build cyber crimes. We offer emotional support and also help to catch their attackers online.

What can you tell us of some of the challenges you had to starting this non-profit?
Just like with any business or non profit, brand awareness is key. We focused on brand awareness more then any other aspect. It’s hard to get victims to come forward, so it was challenging.

You also have a company called WTF Multimedia. What services do you provide and who are your main target audience?
We don’t have a target audience. Every client is completely different. We offer every single type of marketing under the sun.

What are the some of your career highlights?
Forbes top digital marketing strategist, 6 Ava awards. 2 women of influence awards.

Kris Degiola

What are your personal goals and ambitions?
To continuing helping other, whether it’s for business or personal matter.

What is next for Kris Degioia?
Well other then being 20 weeks pregnant with twins, and launching my other companies, Mom and Tot Box, and Savage&Fierce, I’m probably going to loose my mind. (Joke)

Where can those interested keep up to date with We Are Cryptic and WTF Multimedia?
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Thanks Kris Degioia! Be sure to also check out her website 

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