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Interview with Marcus Smith about Audiyoo

posted on November 29, 2017 / IN Design / Interviews / 0 Comments

Recently while I was in Costa Rica, I was lucky enough to be able to interview Marcus Smith, a Bermudian currently living in New Jersey who just happened to have launched his Kickstarter for his new App Audiyoo.

It was my first time trying the dual chat feature in Instagram Live, so I had forgot to hit the save button after. However I was able to screen record it which you can watch here.

About Audiyoo:

Audiyoo allows you to quickly and easily record what’s on your mind or any sounds you like and make them all social. Add a cool voice effect and make it fun. With out user friendly platform, you can listen to posts while doing anything. Audiyoo is a social and personal communication that allows you to share with friends.

Create and Be Heard


Record audio clips
Add voice effects
Upload or take a picture that is related to your recordings
Upload existing Mp3 files
Upload Podcasts
Applaud (Like) posts from your friends
Become a Listener (Follower)
Have users start Listening (Following) you
Share posts from your friends
Share your own posts to your social media platforms
Add hashtags to your posts
Search users and hashtags
Leave voice comments
Listen on the go


To learn more and to support the Kickstarter please click here 🙂

You can also follow and connect with Marcus on his Instagram here


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