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The Problem.

Designing a website for a client can sometimes be tough, they can  have otherworldly expectations, ideas that don’t always gel with your own and multiple last minute changes. Having said that, designing a website for your mother is 100x harder 🙂

The Solution.

My mother(Donna Grant) is actually the one who sparked my interest in entrepreneurship, as one day, after 30 years of cubicle life she was told her department was shutting down. Finally she was forced to pursue her passions she had been dreaming about for years, and started her company DMG Design Flair.


Her passion was always home design and she wanted to share that passion with people who wanted better ideas and inspiration for their own homes. Over the years she had incorporated clothing and accessories among other things, but realized she was spreading herself thin. About a year ago she decided to refocus back to her main passion “home design”. So a redesign of her website in order.


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