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We Are Bermuda App Landing Page

The Problem.

Needing a single place to direct to and promote the We Are Bermuda App for both Apple and Android users.

The Solution.

The landing page will serve as the hub for all information about the app. Current and future updates and features will be showcased on this page, that both Android and Apple users will be able to see. You may say, well that is what the App stores are for, however when marketing and promoting the app, it is much easier to point users of both versions to one place rather than two.

I can control every bit of information and how I want to present the app through my own landing page. With the App stores, my app is filtered through the design and layout of iTunes and PlayStore. Typography, colour palette and layout is very important for the first impression potential users see of the app. Creating a landing page allows me to have more control of these aspects.

First impressions. I wanted the first thing people see is one sentence to define the app, and why people will want to use it. Since only having a few seconds to grab a visitors attention to the app, I put Join, Find, Have Fun as one of the first things users see when reaching the landing page. These three statements gives the a call to action and describes the type of app this is for them to continue reading.

Updates. I am able to evolve it with new information, upcoming features etc without having to wait on the app store to accept and update changes.

Marketing purposes. Having my own landing page I am able to see more detailed analytics on the visitors. I can see what type of person is interested in the app, how they found the page, how long they stayed on the page and more. This information is invaluable for me to see what is working and what is not, so I can constantly improve on marketing efforts and make the app better for the user.

User Feedback. The most important reason, is to allow for users to be able to contact me directly through the landing page for questions and user feedback. When developing any platform, feedback and being able to connect with users is the main reason you should be doing it in the first place. Otherwise, you can find yourself just developing products, platforms and brands that only you like 😀



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