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The Problem.

When I had first started with We Are Bermuda, I did not have a mobile app in mind. Really at that time I was still finding my feet in website development.

However, during the two years since then mobile apps have become much more prevalent in the marketplace. The benefits of having a mobile app are almost endless. The best thing to me is literally being at right at the fingertips of your followers/clients.

As you may have read in my We Are Bermuda website post, my goal was always to connect the main site with our directory website. This was my main goal with the app and hired a developer to create it it for me. The main goal was achieved, but the overall design was poor and features quite limited.

The Solution.

Not being happy with it I decided, hmm if I could figure out how to build websites, I should be able to figure out how to build an app. So began a new journey into learning about App development. The outcome is the new We Are Bermuda App redesigned from the ground up.

The  App now features articles straight from our website, as well as business directory listings. We also have an event section as well an explore Bermuda section of the best landmark locations via google maps on the island. Our App also has features like push notifications, geolocation, and beacon technology.


Feel free to check out and download the app via the website here.



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