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Reasons That Content Marketing Is Important

posted on January 26, 2020 / IN Entrepreneur / Social Media / Tips / 3 Comments

Let’s face it – advertisements are actually annoying and as much as possible, you want to get away from them. As a consumer, you tend to remove advertisements when you watch a show on your computer or even on your mobile. You close any pop-up ad that blocks your computer screen when you browse, or just plainly move or look away until it finishes. Nowadays, there are quite a number of ad blockers around, both for desktop and mobile. It is a welcome sight to see for consumers if there are limited to no advertisements bugging them. But as a small business owner, how can you reach your consumers to introduce your brand without getting them annoyed? The answer is content marketing.

Content Marketing


Content marketing per se is not just a string of articles, blogs or social media posts. It is really so much more than that. By just producing content, it is providing more value to the audience, with the main aim being to gain trust rather than getting something from them. But is it really worth it for small businesses to pay for content marketing? It may not have been worth it decades ago, but nowadays, consumers would rather learn about a company or a service provider through published articles rather than watching a 30-second advertisement.

We all understand that publishing content is a completely diversified approach and there are quite a number of sectors that need to be covered in order to be effective. While this may look a bit overwhelming and you would rather focus on improving your brand, you can leave the content marketing part to others by investing on experts who can do it efficiently and effectively. Here are some of the reasons that will convince you to invest in content marketing:


  1. High opportunity for returns:

While there are still charges incurred in outsourcing this activity, outsourcing content marketing is still relatively lower cost compared to other traditional marketing tactics. And since engagement is stronger on this portion, it has a higher potential to become effective than any other marketing strategy.

  1. Means of brand promotion without trying to sell:

You have earned your followers on your social media sites mainly because they want to know news from your brand every now and then or wait for your latest deals and discounts. They are however, not following you for getting something from you every single time. With the use of content marketing, there is a significant value in sharing updates to your followers/customers, as this is more of personal approach rather than sharing news and updates in a general manner.

  1. You will have an opportunity to broaden your reach and explore new prospects

Creating high quality content lets you have the opportunity to be appreciated by Internet users and will eventually make you a trusted source, which then in turn gets your content shared all throughout. Through these shared posts, you will have a great opportunity to increase your reach for more potential engagements and consumers. Those shared high-quality posts would then organically reach more as sharing increases, and you may not actually need many more campaigns.

  1. Gain trust through nurturing

Nurturing is an activity by way of content marketing to gain trust from your audience. It is initiated by creating high quality content consistently and efficiently. Once the audience find your posts engaging and trustworthy, they will then be willing to be an instrument in spreading your posts through sharing. The more frequently your posts get shared, brand recall and engagement increase accordingly.

With the current technology nowadays, gaining website traffic is very important in achieving full potential of your business. Once that it is put in place, everything will turn out well for your business, but the key thing here is still to build a high-quality content as the main backbone of your success in reference to audience engagement.

If you would like help with your Content Marketing, contact me today so we can discuss your goals and we can work on a strategy.

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My mission is to deliver a customized yet engineered approach to digital marketing that combines creativity & design with data & technology to enhance your brand.

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