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The Process

This page is to give you a guideline of how each project begins and ends. Simple yet efficient :)

The Brief

I will be asking you specific questions to get to know what your real goals are and why you specifically need a website or app. Some questions you may not have even thought about before, but trust the process, because it will help us achieve what you really want faster.

The Sitemap

After finding out what your goals are for the project. I will create a visual sitemap so that we can both be sure we are on the same page about what you are trying to achieve. Here is an example of a sitemap.

The Prototype

After getting the content for the website, most developers will start work on the full design. However, I think it is important to show the client how my solution will actually flow and function. Content at this stage will be filled with practical placeholders to give the client a visual and will allow us to further cement that we are both on the same page and on the right track! Here is an example.

The Design

This is definitely may favorite part of the process. This is where I take all the information gathered prior to match your brand identity and present you a beautiful and functional website. Here is the same website fully designed.

Ready for Launch!

Now we will take a couple of weeks to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s to make sure the website is error free and tested so you can launch your brand new website to the world with confidence!