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8 Years in Miami

posted on July 15, 2017 / IN 0 Comments

How did I end up in Miami? Well, when it came time to decide on where I wanted to further my education and what I wanted to do, first thing was I wanted to go somewhere none of my friends were going lol. I really felt the need to spread my wings and get out of my comfort zone. Florida was a top destination because I had been going there quite often as kid for vacations and I loved it and the weather. My friends were all going to Canada and England and I prefer warm weather :).

When I found a school in Miami that was all about Arts & Design and were offering a Computer Animation program, it felt like a perfect fit for me. Luckily my mom allowed me to go wherever I chose, so off to Miami I went and 18 years old.

Miami certainly shaped my adulthood, only ever visiting back home to Bermuda 2 weeks a year for 8 years, I to this day consider Miami (home). Miami International University of Arts & Design was great, I learned advanced techniques in  art & design, film, animation, and the most important aspect of all, completing projects on tight deadlines. It was tough but fun, mostly because I was doing exactly what I wanted to do.

After getting my Bachelors of Arts degree, I worked at a company called Editech Studios. There I was working on projects for local miami clients that consisted of animation, editing, and video shoots. The highlight was filming and auditioning local Miami talent for a TV show. It was a full two days and I was responsible for filming and giving tips and advice for the local talent(think of me as a nice version of Simon from American Idol lol)

While working there was a lot of fun, it did not pay very well, so i decided to try my luck in Bermuda. Unfortunately animation and videography jobs in Bermuda at the time was almost non-existent. So I decided to also get a degree in Computer Science at Florida Career College. This led me into a pretty solid IT career…


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