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posted on July 15, 2017 / IN 0 Comments

After moving back to Bermuda at age 26 with my Bachelors of Arts and Computer Science degrees, i was ready to conquer the world, lol. Luckily I found a job fairly quickly in telecoms. This job had me going all over the island fixing and setting up IP phones. Not bad being able to travel around a beautiful island like Bermuda on your bike every day. However, after a while, the work became boring as it had nothing to do what I actually went to school for.

From there I went to an IT consulting company which was right up my alley I thought as it was what I got my second degree for. I learned a lot there and got my MCSE certification while I was there. Again, being able to travel around Hamilton to almost every office was fun. I got to meet tons of people and learn customer service skills which I still use. However, I decided to move to England and try my luck across the pond, mostly just for the adventure of it and seeing what I was capable of accomplishing outside the comfort of my home country.

While in England I worked as an Network Engineer for a huge insurance company. I quickly learned the laid back work style in Bermuda was not going to work there. Every minute of your day at work was examined(literally) and it felt like you really had to prove your worth every single day. Too be honest, it was great,  that job really pushed me to not take anything for granted and to be the best I could be. But, waking up at 5am everyday to catch the bus in the snow, to sit in an office everyday, after 2 years I was missing the Bermuda life haha. So I moved back to Bermuda in 2011.

Back in Bermuda and again looking for IT work, I luckily was able to find a contract consulting job very quickly. However, after 2 years working in the high pressure England environment , I found that job WAY too easy, so when the opportunity came along to help run the IT department at the Royal Gazette I jumped at the opportunity! At the Royal Gazette was when I really blossomed in my field, I was learning tons and tons every day from a great manager. The sense of responsibility made me feel that this could finally be the long term gig I was looking for. However, since this was all during the recession, too many changes happened, and I started seeing people being let go left and right. This was also the time my mom was made redundant and she started her own business. This put the the seeds of entrepreneurship in my head, and with a change of management and policy within my department, I decided it was time to leave and start making moves to have my own business and leave Bermuda again. I just felt I couldn’t follow my dreams with such a pressure filled job.

I spent months trying to figure out what I wanted to do next, I specifically remember running up and down Horseshoe Bay mornings with tons of ideas in my head. Then, with the help of my brother the idea for We Are Bermuda sprung into my head..

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