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posted on July 17, 2017 / IN 0 Comments

Why keeonminors.com?

Well as you may see, I have been involved in quite a few things over the last few years. So when people ask me..”Keeon, what do you do?” you can imagine it is quite hard to fit all that in one cohesive sentence for them to understand. So I decided to create this website as my “home” on the internet. Where everyone can get a clear picture of what I do in one place.

I am also restructuring my services and what I can offer and this website is the perfect place to showcase that.

This website will also showcase my portfolio as well as my blog where I will talk about everything I am interested in the design and creative world, as well as what I am up to in my business.

I want to thank you for coming to visit my website! I hope you leave with something valuable and if you want to contact me directly for any questions about me or my services just click here to get in touch! I will be happy to meet you!

By Keeon Minors