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Moving to Central America

posted on July 16, 2017 / IN 0 Comments

After 2 years of doing building up the brand We Are Bermuda, I was full fledged in Entrepreneurship and my desire for travel, exploration and testing myself came back. I decided to pack my bags and move to Central America with no plans other than make a living running and creating online businesses or whatever other opportunities came. I had full confidence in myself after the success of We Are Bermuda, which let me know that you CAN break away from the normal expected routine.

Moving and travelling through Central America has been an eye opening experience, the culture is totally different from Bermuda, the US and England. There is a much more laid back vibe, and the culture is rich with history and pride. Not to mention I did not speak any spanish so it has been interesting indeed, but everyone has been so welcoming and helpful here that it has been easier to manage than you would think.

I recommend to everyone to live and work in a foreign country if you have the chance, even if it is just for a short while, you WILL go back home with a different perspective and appreciation on life and the planet we all live in.


By Keeon Minors