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Why Website Maintenance is Crucial to Every Website

posted on December 28, 2019 / IN Entrepreneur / Tips / Website Development / 1 Comment

Why Website Maintenance?

Websites are just like applications running on your computer that needs routine maintenance to continue functioning properly. Do you know what happens when you fail to maintain your car? It breaks down suddenly and might leave you stranded for days. The same is true for your website. It should be maintained in top form to funnel business leads and sales into your business.

Websites Are Not a “Set and Forget” Project 

If you think that your website does not need monthly maintenance, you are making a costly mistake. When your website has problems, you lose visitors and end up losing potential customers. Worse still, most website owners don’t even take the time to inspect their website status. So, they hardly know when there is a major breakdown, and their business ends up suffering for it.

The Benefits of Routine Website Maintenance 

Website Maintenance

The benefits of consistent website maintenance far outweigh the cost. Here are a few of them:

  • You can increase your website performance by consistently updating WordPress to the latest version. It makes the site load faster, increase uptime and make your plugin function optimally.
  • Consistently updating your website with fresh content is crucial to your website growth.
  • The maintenance entails monitoring analytic for relevant KPI that helps you tweak your site to achieve your goals.
  • All the factors above work together to increase your ranking in the search engine result pages.

Our Professional Maintenance Workflow

Website Maintenance

The routine website maintenance service that we offer is structured to deliver the best possible value.  First, we do a complete backup of your website. After that, we check to make sure all the plugins and security patches are up-to-date. Besides, our system keeps a log of everything we do, allowing us to do a rollback to a previous version if an update is causing a problem. We present a monthly report on website performance and security status of your website. Our system scans your website automatically, allowing us to fix potential threats before you know it. More often than not, you will only know about these issues when we submit the monthly report.

The DIY Approach Can Be Costly

Perhaps you are thinking, “I can as well update my website from the WordPress Dashboard.”  However, the DIY website maintenance route comes with a level of risk.  Some updates can break your website causing complicated issues that only a professional can fix. You may end up losing business data such as buyer lists, business contacts, recent content updates, and many more. Since you do not keep track of your updates, you may not be able to restore the right backup.

Routine maintenance can save you a fortune,

It is possible to disrupt the appearance and vital functions of your website through negligence or inexperience. When a website gets messed up, some people try to fix the error by themselves and end up causing more damages. Others would rather call a professional and sometimes pay through their nose to rectify the problem.  The website is just like any machinery; it costs more to fix a problem that low-cost maintenance would prevent. 

Get a professional service.

The best approach to website maintenance is to outsource the tasks to professionals. Your business has everything to gain when our experts handle your website maintenance. You do call the doctor when you have health challenges because you know the dangers of self-medication. Your website is no different.  When we handle your website update and maintenance, you can avoid loss of revenue resulting from avoidable downtime.

We offer flexible maintenance contracts that cater to your unique needs. Contact us today to learn how we can add value to your business.

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